John Canty’s RV-7 Quickbuild Kit

John Canty is a Chapter 46 member and an instrument rated commercial pilot who has been involved in aviation since he was 12. After renting aircraft for years, he decided to build his own plane and chose the RV-7 in the quickbuild kit form. Much has been written in the aviation magazines about quickbuild kits, and this is a great chance to see exactly how much “quick” and how much “build” is really involved in these kits, since John has only just begun building the plane, and most of the parts and pieces are opened and available for view. John will tell us a bit about why he chose this particular kit, what he thinks of it, what surprises he discovered, and he will be available to answer our questions about the plane and the building process. If possible, he will also try to have some tools and scrap aluminum available for anyone who wants to try their hand at riveting

The address and directions to his home is below, as this meeting is open only to Chapter 46 members and their families.

We will meet at his home at 87 Thomas Jefferson Lane, Amherst, NY 14226 on May 11, 2016 at 7:00 p.m..

If arriving from the North, take the Sheridan/Harlem Rd. exit from the 290 and turn left onto Harlem Rd. Take the first left onto Burroughs Dr. and then the first right onto Thomas Jefferson Dr.

If arriving from the South, take the 290 to the Sheridan Dr. exit, turn left onto Sheridan and take the first left onto Harlem Rd. Turn left onto Burroughs Dr. and then take the first right onto Thomas Jefferson Dr.

Note that Burroughs Dr. on the opposite side of Harlem Rd. is called Campus Lane. Don't go there!

The house is a brick colonial on the right, near the culde- sac. The garage will probably be open, showing the RV’s fuselage.