2016 AirVenture Oshkosh Trip

AirVenture 2016 (July 25th – 31st) is less than 3 months away and plans are being finalized for chapter-46’s annual aviation camping party!

I will arrive in Oshkosh on Friday, July 15th to set up the core food / party tent area. (This is 10 days before the show starts.) Paul & Pat Pederson and George Ezzo, Donna Machnica and Larry Stuubs are planning to arrive a day or two later. Think about coming early. It’s very different and a great time!

We buy the sites well ahead of the show so that our members can camp together. Like previous years we are giving EAA-46 Members the option as to when they want me to buy their sites. This means you can save some money by having me buy your site later in the week. It also means that you may not wind up with the core group. This may not be an issue for some of you. Proximity to the core area will be based upon when I receive your check and how many days you purchase.

Here is the cost for each 20’x30’ site.

Saturday 7/16 $432.00
Sunday 7/17 $405.00
Monday 7/18 $378.00
Tuesday 7/19 $351.00
Wednesday 7/20 $324.00
Thursday 7/21 $297.00

If you leave the show prior to the end of the event, you will receive a refund of $27 for each unused day. However, there is no credit on the front end when you may not be there.

I must have the checks (or cash) in hand by Thursday Afternoon July 14th.
I also need your cell phone number.

Each site may have one “camping unit” and one vehicle. Like previous years, large RV’s or cars with trailers will only be charged the one site camping rate of $27 per day even if you take more than the 20’x30’.

Please have a check made out to “EAA” for the total number of sites you would like to reserve. Make Sure to include your national EAA membership number on the check! You must be a national EAA member to camp.

If your national membership is not paid, please add the amount to your check. If you renew by mail in late June or July, your membership may not be in the system and you may wind up paying twice.

To properly lay out the camp site I will need to know what type of camping gear you will have on the site. (Tent only, car & tent, car & trailer, car & pop-up, motorhome, etc.) EAA also does an annual census on the number of campers. Please let me know the number of campers that will be in your party.

I will pick up your camping and vehicle pass and have it at your site when you arrive. You must call me when you arrive in Oshkosh so I can drive up to the entrance and give you your vehicle pass. Please note, this is a new policy from previous years. Your vehicle pass WILL NOT be at the registration building

If you are flying in and camping with us let me know so I can arrange to pick you up at the FBO.

We will do our best to get the same sites as we have in past years. (Lindbergh Ave. & 39th) However, it is a “first come - first served” policy. If the site is occupied when I arrive on the 15th, I will have to move to accommodate the large group. The actual site will be posted on the facebook EAA-46 page on Saturday afternoon 7/15. (You are on the EAA-46 facebook page, aren’t you?)

If you have any questions, drop me an e-mail at jim@cavphoto.com. Or text / call my cell, 716-228-4960.

Jim Cavanaugh